Dine-In… and leave it all to us!

Dinner at Yumeji provides guests the opportunity to experience home style cuisine as enjoyed throughout Japan.

‘Omakase’ is the Japanese tradition of letting a chef choose your order. The word means “I will leave it to you.” It’s a fine tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and you a memorable dining experience.

Here at Yumeji, our omakase menu – with it’s balance of flavours and textures – is centered around a selection of dishes to suit the seasons, from predictable favourites to creative masterpieces.

Served here in our dining room, our omakase menu includes an appetiser, sushi, a generous main course and a Japanese inspired dessert followed by tea or coffee.

Some might consider omakase as being only for the brave and adventurous so if you have particular dietary restrictions, omakase may not be for you.

We do offer a vegetarian option but unfortunately the omakase tradition does not lend itself to vegan and gluten free catering.

Be sure to speak to your hosts and find out ‘what’s cooking‘ for dinner tonight.

[Our omakasa menu is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday]