Something for every palate

Suffice to say, Tamborine Mountain has a reputation as being a ‘foodies’ delight.

To try and list all the restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops and cafes would be an impossible task as there are too many to mention. So we thought we’d leave that to the professionals… Click on any one of the buttons below to be taken to a 3rd party review on ‘Where To Eat on Tamborine Mountain’.

Yumeji is not affiliated with any one eating establishment (but we do have our favorites), so feel free to discuss the various choices with your hosts.

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Most businesses on the mountain have closed up shop by 4:30pm, leaving only the takeaways and restaurants open. They in turn remain open until about 8:30pm with the odd one or two an hour or so longer. In essence – we’re early eaters on the mountain!

The locals support all the restaurants and as such reservations are recommended as seating can be limited, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re having trouble making a dinner reservation at one of the mountain establishments, please speak to your hosts and see if they can help in any way.